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Why the UK?

10 reasons why you should consider studying in the UK

London School of Economics
1. Top ranked universities

The UK is home to some of the top universities in the world.

The QS World University Rankings 2020 has 22 of the UK’s universities in the top 150, 4 in the top 10 and 84 featured overall.
UK degrees are recognized worldwide, are recognized by the US Dept of Education and looked upon favourably by US employers.
Universities will all offer careers services with global employer connections.
All universities in the UK are held to strict standards by the UK government to ensure that students receive outstanding teaching and support.
Cost time saving
2. Cost and time savings

The UK is often cheaper than in the US.

Depending on the program and university you choose, tuition is approximately $16-30,000 USD per year with $12-18,000 per year required for all associated living expenses.
As UK degree programs are 3 years not 4 (except in Scotland), the costs are reduced even further and students living outside of London can expect to pay towards the lower end of the living expenses. Please note figures fluctuate with exchange rate.
More detailed information on the UK Higher Education system, including why we have 3 year degree programs, can be found by requesting our free guide on the homepage.
Transparent admissions criteria
3. Transparent admissions criteria

It’s clear what you need to achieve.

UK Universities clearly state the academic scores required for acceptance.
Admission is often based only on academic excellence: if you achieve the necessary scores, then for almost all programs the acceptance rate is 100%.
The UK has no quota systems when selecting students.
University housing
4. Housing

You get your own room!

In most cases, students in the UK get their own private bedroom on campus.
All bills and taxes are included, and some have an optional meal plan. Those that don’t, have large kitchen spaces and are cheaper.
International students often get first choice of housing and this is often guaranteed for international students in Year 1.
Smaller class sizes
5. Smaller class sizes

Better access to academic staff.

We don’t use Teaching Assistants in the UK, and so you will be taught by qualified academic staff with strong industry links.
In general, class sizes in the UK are much smaller so you’ll have greater access to those academic staff too.
Study methods typically include lectures (Typically 60-150 students), seminars and tutorials (smaller classes with a small group of students and a tutor).
International work experience
6. Gain international work experience

Different opportunities

Work experience opportunities are an increasingly popular part of UK degree programs and are looked upon very favourable by future employers.
Students can often choose to add on an extra year in industry to their degree program called a ‘sandwich year’. This is usually charged at a fraction of the cost of a normal year’s tuition and provides valuable networking opportunities.
High & timely completion rates
7. High and timely completion rates

Focused degree programmes

Completion rates in the UK are on average around 90%.
With focused degree programmes and students unable to transfer credits it is very rare for a student not to graduate within the allotted time, saving you any additional tuition.
Make friends and travel
8. Make friends and travel

Work-life balance

Admission to UK Universities is all based on academics resulting in less natural division among students. With international students often making up 20-30% of a university’s cohort it is easy to make friends from all over the world.
Students in the UK get long vacations and many international students use this opportunity to explore the history and heritage of the UK and Europe. Major cities like Rome, Paris and Barcelona are all just a few hours flight away and flights can often be purchased for less than $100.
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Christine A Kelly, College Counselor

I've worked with Gary and Lydia for several years, and have found their knowledge, and expertise invaluable as I navigate the international university admission process from the USA.  I admire their sincere drive to help students find and enter the university of their choice and appreciate their consistent availability to provide that expertise in a friendly, easy to understand manner.  I'm very excited about this website!

Joanna C. Tudge, University Counselor

I have had the pleasure of working with Gary and Lydia for over ten years and they have been a tremendous resource for myself and our students and families who are interested in applying to the UK.  Not only have they been amazing advocates for their own institutions, but they have a broad and detailed knowledge of universities and programmes across the UK and have frequently shared their network of contacts with me to help students find the perfect fit.  I cannot praise them enough.

Jamie M Rueger, College Counselor

I have not only had the opportunity to work with Gary and Lydia, but also have been able to meet them personally. They are very knowledgeable and helpful in guiding students, parents and counselors through the process of applying through UCAS. I knew next to nothing about directing students through this process and their expertise has been invaluable to me.

Letitia Peterson, Director of College Counselling

As a college counselor in the U.S., I often need some details about the UCAS process for my students who are applying to universities in the UK. Lydia and Gary are very well-informed and responsive if I have any questions or need direction to the appropriate resources. Their combined years of experience with applicants from the U.S. is important, since many families here are unfamiliar with UCAS.  On a personal level, it is a pleasure to work with both of them, and I highly recommend their services.

Claire Shepro, College Counselor

Gary and Lydia have been a great resource for both me and my students. They are extremely knowledgeable not only about UK admissions, but about how to "translate" the process so it makes sense to American applicants! My students who have worked with them have really appreciated the time and care they have taken to respond to their inquiries.

Sherrie Tasnady, Guidance Counselor

Both Gary and Lydia understand the questions that international students have and are able to balance their knowledge with the human touch. Their experience of hosting college counselors in the UK make them brilliant guides through the university search and application process and they have the unique ability to look beyond the buildings and programs of study to bring to life the many dimensions of university life.  This site will provide all you need to navigate the promising world of the UK educational landscape. 

Danny Reynolds, Associate Head for External Relations

I have worked with Gary and Lydia for several years assisting our families in Miami to understand the application process to U.K. universities. Applying via UCAS is so different than applying via the Common Application, especially with the difference in writing the personal statement, but their guidance has alleviated the stressful application process for my students. Anything I was unsure about as a counselor, a quick email to Gary or Lydia would answer my questions. Their guidance has helped me feel more confident about recommending UK universities to my students. Our applications to the U.K. have increased each year.

Tiffani Hooper - Co-Director of College Counseling

Gary and Lydia have years of experience explaining the U.K. university and application system to American students. They are informative, relatable, and an invaluable resource to students applying to universities in U.K. I value them as colleagues and respect their professional expertise.
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